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Involved in Our Community.

By partnering with us, we're partnering back with you to create change in our schools and community.

Onsite Community Partnerships

As a business, we recognize our obligation to extend our reach beyond our customer base. We are committed to connecting with our local communities to identify areas that require additional support or innovative solutions. Our goal is to ensure that we are taking every possible step to help level the playing field to create a better and brighter world for all.

We have collaborated with schools and businesses within our community to support volunteering, sponsorship, and to invest in our young business leaders.  By pooling our resources and talents as a community we can achieve outcomes that surpass individual capabilities.

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Onsite Partner 

Onsite IT Solutions nurtures young minds by providing exposure to careers and fostering innovation. Join a meaningful cause by partnering with MyWIC, an initiative aimed at building a sustainable labor force in the construction industry and introducing young women to career paths they might not have explored before.


Volunteer opportunities are available for this summer's girls' camp.

School Partners

Our mission is to ensure that every student has the resources and information needed to reach their full potential. We believe in covering as many bases as possible by reaching out to charter schools, organizations, and communities in a personal way. As facilitators of progress, we strive to level the playing field and open doors for the next generation. By providing even the smallest support, such as extra time or a small donation, we can create life-changing opportunities for students.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where every student has access to the exact resources they need to fulfill their potential. We recognize that achieving this goal will take time and a long-term focus on providing continual support. We're passionate about creating partnerships that sweeps away obstacles in students' paths and creates access to broader futures. 

"We are looking to increase our incentive based programs which is one of the reasons for this outing to D&B. The group of scholars picked for the outing have been exemplary in academics as well as conduct despite any distractions. They have excellent attendance and are respectful to their fellow scholars as well as staff members. Unfortunately a lot of our scholars who conduct themselves well are often overlooked and this a way to reward them."


Samuel Colson

Dean, ALCORN Elementary


Business Partners

Through partnerships with local businesses, we've facilitated trips, training sessions, and contributed to community events and team-building activities. If you have an innovative idea or need support to elevate your event or business endeavor, please reach out. We're always keen on exploring collaborative opportunities!

Our Vision

We're passionate about building partnerships that bring our community together through education, communication, and good old-fashioned fun!

Let's see if we can help you with an event or need.
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