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We Are Security Specialists

And We're Here to Make it Simple.

Why a MSSP

A Comprehensive Approach to Network Security.

At OnSite we’re an MSSP — not a MSP like most of our competitors. That means we’ve added in an extra ’S’ that stands for Security and we manage and implement every aspect of network security so you don’t have to.  To give you a better idea about who we are, how we can help and why it’s important, we’re going to outline the basics you need to know.


Common Ways We Help:

+ Preventing Infection by Viruses

+ Detecting and Reporting Attempted Intrusions + Blocking Spam and Junk Mail + Managing Firewall Configurations + Securing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) + Handling System Upgrades and Reconfigurations + Continual Monitoring of all Devices and Systems + Comprehensive Device and Log Management + Managing Vulnerabilities and Weak Points

When you combine all of these in a coherent, strategic way, you are left with a comprehensive approach to network security that will secure the future of your organization, which is why OnSite does it that way.

Need Help Immediately?

For support you can rely on, night and day, get in touch with our expert team to hear more. When it comes to supporting your business, we’re always available.


Cyberattacks are Currently Growing in Strength.

Safeguard Your Data.

It’s the fact that no one wants to hear, but the truth is that cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the way in which they target businesses and organizations. The size of your business and your industry are irrelevant to them — they’re simply scouring the digital world for weak points they can exploit with nothing more than the click of a button.


Having OnSite as your MSSP is the proven way to safeguard your data and sensitive information so that you don’t become a victim of a preventable cyberattack.

Our Security Specialists Have Unique Expertise and Tools.

Nothing Compares to our Direct Security Approach.

If you want to know that your organization is in the best possible hands, there’s simply no substitute for having an expert watching over everything that’s going on. It’s an approach known as direct security, and it’s an approach that’s central to everything we do. By taking the time to police every aspect of your network and device portfolio, we ensure that nothing is overlooked and that there are no weak points to be exploited.  Crucially, you get access to a unique level of expertise and suite of security tools that ordinarily you would have to hire an entire team to utilize. This means that no matter how your budget changes, or your time pressures evolve, over the coming months, you will always know that we’re taking care of the security side of things in the background.

As the tech world continues to evolve, we evolve with it. This means that you will never be caught out by static, outdated systems which failed to progress in line with the ever-more sophisticated efforts of the cyber attackers. As your MSSP, the OnSite team automatically detects any attempted intrusions, learn the lessons that need to be learned, and then quickly deploy the improvements that optimize your security. We never pretend that the solution you start with on day one will be perfect for years and years; that’s simply not the case. But what we do promise is that your security provisions will continue to evolve so that they’re prepared for every new eventuality.

It’s all about giving you the peace of mind that nothing has been left to chance.

OnSite’s Approach Saves You Money.

A small initial investment in the way you approach your organization’s security can save you many times over in wages, training, and downtime. All you need to do is connect with our team and find a flexible package of services that will grow with your business.

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