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ALCORN Elementary

2023-2024 OnSite Partner

ALCORN Elementary

We were privileged to collaborate with ALCORN Elementary for an extraordinary occasion held at Dave and Busters.

ALCORN Elementary approached us seeking assistance in organizing a unique event aimed at enhancing motivation for students who excel in both academics and behavior.

The event surpassed all expectations, and the heartfelt expressions of gratitude in the students' thank you letters make it clear that this day will be etched in their memories forever.

OnSite maintains a steadfast dedication to joining forces with nonprofit organizations, ensuring the provision of essential resources and safeguarding data for their prosperous endeavors.

"When we walked in we were met by some of the nicest people.  It made me, and I hope it made everyone around me, feel special.  I played games all day with my friends and even tried the claw ticket game, even though we knew we would lose! I won so many tickets and got two stuffed animals.  We went and ate it was some of the best food I’ve eaten at an arcade.  There were multiple drink selections and so much food, me and my friends had the best time ever, thank you."



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