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Love to Life Cocktail Fundraiser

2024 OnSite Partner

Love to Life Cocktail Fundraiser


OnSite IT Solutions, proudly joins forces with The Urban Oasis for the inaugural Love to Life Cocktail Fundraiser. With a commitment to community empowerment we were honored to support Urban Oasis in their mission to transform the Panway Community a neighborhood of West Baltimore Established in 1910.


Urban Oasis stands as a beacon of hope and progress in West Baltimore, spearheading initiatives to combat blight, enhance educational opportunities, promote health and wellness, and cultivate a sense of belonging among residents. From organizing beautiful spaces to providing vital health and fitness classes, Urban Oasis exemplifies the transformative impact that dedicated community organizations can achieve.

We are proud to co-power the Love to Life Cocktail Fundraiser, an event that celebrates the accomplishments of Urban Oasis and raises crucial funds to support their ongoing endeavors.


The Love to Life Cocktail Fundraiser was an unforgettable evening, filled with inspiration, camaraderie, and a shared commitment to building a brighter future for the West Baltimore community. From the silent auctions and raffle prizes to engaging presentations highlighting Urban Oasis's impactful programs, attendees contributed to meaningful change while enjoying a night of celebration and solidarity.


As we come together to support Urban Oasis and their vision for a thriving, inclusive community, OnSite IT Solutions reaffirms our dedication to driving positive social change through innovation and collaboration. Together, we can create a world where every individual has the opportunity to flourish, and every community is empowered to realize its full potential.

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